Women in Philanthropy and Leadership (WIPL) for Coastal Carolina University Endowed Scholarships
for continuing students


This scholarship, while supported in the same spirit as other WIPL scholarships, rewards stronger academic results and demonstrated service to the community, state or world. This service may include volunteering for a cause you believe in, engaging in community projects, running for office (on or off campus), contributing to a civic group, or leading and making change where you see a need. These generous donations are intended to make a lasting footprint and sustainable legacy for a productive future.


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, students must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Be enrolled as an undergraduate student at CCU;
  2. Be a rising junior or senior at the time of award;
  3. Have a minimum 3.5 cumulative CCU GPA;
  4. Demonstrate financial need* as defined by Financial Aid & Scholarships;
  5. Maintain full-time status and demonstrate satisfactory degree progress; and
  6. Submit additional requirements described below. 

Additional consideration will be given to students from South Carolina. 

The value of Women in Philanthropy and Leadership Endowed Scholarships is $5,000 to be divided equally between the fall and spring semesters.

* FAFSA must be completed by the scholarship application deadline in order to determine financial need 




Additional Requirements


To be considered for this scholarship, applicants are required to submit:

  1. A current resume;
  2. An OFFICIAL academic transcript;
  3. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your coursework;
  4. A personal statement describing why you should be chosen as a WIPL Legacy Scholar;
    • Include community activities or causes with which you have been involved, what you see as the greatest need in our community, and how you plan to be involved in giving back in the future.
  5. A typed essay of not more than 750 words that answers the following:
    1. Describe a project, cause or organization that you are passionate about and want to engage in to “make a difference” in society as a WIPL Legacy Scholar. This may be a currently operating entity or an original idea that you plan to implement. Be specific as to your amount and level of involvement and the societal outcomes you anticipate (This can be related to your academic major, non-curricular activities, or external community service.);
    2. What experiences or skills do you expect to gain from your involvement in this project, cause or organization; and
    3. What impact (or lasting footprint) do you intend to make by engaging in this project, cause or organization?

Scholarship finalists will participate in an interview with representatives from the WIPL Scholarship Committee. 

Failure to submit additional requirements will constitute an incomplete application and will not be considered.