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Malizia Family Endowed Scholarship 
for new freshmen and continuing students


To be eligible to apply for this scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be admitted as an undergraduate student at CCU;
  2. Be a new freshman entering CCU for the first time or a past recipient (continuing student) of the Malizia Family Endowed Scholarship re-applying for renewal;
  3. New freshmen students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0;
  4. Past recipients must have a minimum CCU GPA of 3.0;
  5. Maintain full-time or part-time (minimum 9 credits) status and demonstrate satisfactory degree progress; and
  6. Submit additional requirements described below.

*Preference will be given to applicants who are 1) a 1st generation college student and/or 2) the child of an immigrant parent(s).


 Additional Requirements 

  1. Submit a one-page typed essay explaining why you would like to attain your diploma from Coastal Carolina University;
  2. If you meet one or both preferences, submit a brief statement explaining how you meet one or both preferences. 

Failure to submit additional requirements will constitute an incomplete application and will not be considered.