Personal Budgets


Budgets should be used to assist you with the management of spending, and to see how and where you are spending money.  Your goal should be to spend less and save more.  If you budget properly and track your spending, it can help you recognize where money is going.  Eliminating needless purchases and growing your monthly savings will help you to build a realistic and stable financial future. The ability to create and manage a budget will only benefit you; by allowing you to see what you can actually afford.

• Track how you spend your money.
• Know what each source of income is.
• Determine what is and actual necessities (groceries, rent, vehicle, etc.) and what is something you just want (video games, eating at the best restaurants, buying a brand new car, etc.).
• Spend within your means
• Know what your spending and saving goals are.
• Use promotion codes, sales and coupons.
• Use a checking account to avoid check cashing fees.
• Take time to research large purchases in order to find the best deal.
• Limit the use of credit cards.
• Avoid late fees by making on time payment.
• Take advantage of any available discounts.