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College Savings Plans and 529 Plans

College Savings Plans and 529 Plans are not considered Financial Aid and are not handled in Financial Aid and Scholarships. Below is some information that will assist you in getting the answers you need regarding these plans.

529 Plans

The parent notifies the appropriate 529 Plan, usually by sending a copy of the student′s invoice, and the 529 Plan then sends Coastal Carolina University a check based on the amount requested.

For more information on South Carolina's 529 College Savings Plan, Future Scholar, please visit

Tuition Prepayment Plans and Other College Savings Plans

Entering students need to submit paperwork authorizing Coastal Carolina University to invoice the prepayment plan to Thereafter, in most cases, the student will be on a list that Coastal Carolina University receives from the prepayment plan showing eligible students and amounts. The university then bills the plan accordingly.