Supplier Relations

Supplier Relations

Supplier Relations manages supplier information for Coastal Carolina University to conduct business in a secure and efficient method and maintain the relationship from onboarding until payments are disbursed.

We maintain the supplier files utilized for Procurement and Accounts Payable transactions in order for the University to conduct everyday operations with external suppliers. We assist from initial setup to ongoing maintenance to ensure the most accurate and current information is on file. Our responsibilities include:

  • Assist external suppliers through the onboarding process with excellent customer service to make sure accurate and reliable information has been gathered for security of all parties.
  • Apply stringent vetting of domestic and international suppliers of tax provided information to certify on basis of tax classification, elimination of duplicate supplier, exclusion and/or debarred, etc.
  • Serve as a liaison between suppliers and third party payment provider to encourage electronic disbursements.
  • Manage endless cleansing of the master file to deactivate stale suppliers or updating profiles with current remittance address, contact information, merging and/or purging of entities, etc.
  • Compile annual spend amounts to issue 1099-MISC to suppliers in accordance to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations.

*Once a vendor due diligence process begins, it can take up to 7 business days for domestic vendors, and longer for international vendors before they are fully vetted.  Please allow adequate time when requesting vendor on-boarding.

**The University contact associated with the vendor will receive email confirmation when the vendor completes the application, and again when the vendor has been fully vetted and assigned a vendor number.

***Once the email has been received indicating a vendor number has been assigned, it takes 24 hours before that vendor is approved in e-Pro.

****Before having a vendor fill out a vendor application, please review if we have an existing vendor on file in Colleague. The vendor inquiry screen is VEIN, and then type in the vendor name.