Tax Compliance and Analysis - Coastal Carolina University
In This Section
Tax Compliance and Analysis promotes Coastal Carolina University's compliance with various tax laws, acts as a resource for the University community with respect to tax issues and assists foreign nationals with international tax.

We serve as a resource to the University community with planning, guidance, interpretation, reporting and training in all related areas of taxes. We constantly monitor these developments for potential impacts on the University to ensure compliance with the various tax laws and regulations promulgated by the federal, state and local government jurisdictions. Our responsibilities include:

  • Ensure tax filings of various returns in an accurate and timely manner with the appropriate jurisdictions.
  • Manage compliance with developments in tax laws and regulations promulgated by the U.S. federal government, the State of South Carolina, and other local government jurisdictions.
  • Act as a resource, from direct research and strategic planning, to the University community for tax issues and advice on applicable University policy and procedure development.
  • Oversee and negotiate tax audits with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and S.C. Department of Revenue.
  • Advise international students and scholars on tax treaty benefits and tax withholdings on reporting requirements. Guidance is provided through various forums, including one-on-one meetings, orientation presentations, and scheduled group sessions.
  • Assist the Payroll Office regarding international tax withholdings and reporting requirements on payments made to the University's growing population of internationals.
  • Obtain records of IRS forms completed by international students and scholars for monitoring of treaty expirations, residency status, ITIN filings, etc.