Moodle is the campus' Learning Management System (LMS) used to help educators create effective online course materials. It allows instructors to create items such as documents, discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes. To access your courses in Moodle, go to To access your miscellaneous or resource sites, please visit Moodle LMS support is managed by the Office of Academic Technology, previously the Coastal Office of Online Learning. Our team provides all support and training for Moodle and other third-party tools. For more information on how to use Moodle, please visit the Moodle Resources Libguide for Faculty.

Moodle in the Cloud

  • Moodle in the Cloud, an upgraded, cloud-based version of Moodle, was launched in Summer 2023 for upcoming summer and fall courses.
  • Instructors can request course shells in the new Moodle, while past courses remain available in the previous, version of Moodle. To request access to blank courses or courses to be crosslisted, please visit our Moodle Support Page to complete a Faculty Course Request form. 
  • Visit our Moodle Cloud FAQs page for additional information and updates. 

** To avoid storage overload in Moodle (maximum course size is 5 GB), please upload video files to YuJa and link them in your course **

Course Shells & Copying Course Content

Course shells are generated about 8 weeks prior to the semester starting. Once these shells are received, faculty can copy their content over from previous courses. For crosslisted courses, please submit a faculty course request form prior to moving your content over. View the Instruction Guide or the tutorials below for instructions on how to move content. 

Moodle Course Template For Faculty

The Office of Academic Technology has developed a preformatted course template for Coastal faculty that may be used at your discretion within your courses. This template has been developed using the newly installed Grid format. This format allows course designers to make develop course pages in the traditional inline format and seeing those edits reflected in the grid above. This template may be used upon request via the Moodle Course Request form. To access the Course Request form, faculty can click on the Moodle Support link at the top of Moodle and select Faculty Course Request Form