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ARGUS Enterprise Training Workshop


The Grant Center hosts an ARGUS Enterprise training workshop each semester. The spring 2020 workshop was held on Saturday, Feb. 29. Stay tuned for details on the fall 2020 workshop. 

Workshop Details

Attendees receive hands-on training with ARGUS Enterprise, the leading valuation software in the real estate industry that aims to maximize asset values and investment returns. ARGUS Enterprise is the global standard for property valuation and most comprehensive asset and portfolio management solution in the world. The software is trusted by leading investment firms to value property, secure capital, manage assets, and generate wealth. 

The workshop is taught by visiting scholar Bob Rajewski, a senior professional instructor in real estate at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and a respected real estate professional with extensive experience in asset management and project financing. 

Meet the Argus Workshop instructor - Bob Rajewski, CRE

Training is suited for professionals and students interested in flipping houses, renting out property, or pursuing a career in real estate. 

Why attend this workshop?

Argus is the leading commercial real estate valuation tool for asset managers and financial analysts working with commercial real estate. Employers in the industry are constantly searching for analysts who are trained in both Excel and Argus modeling.  

Topics Covered
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Tenant rollover
  • Debt and equity placements
  • Valuations of property
  • Interpreting reports to make investment decisions
  Learning Objectives
  • Demonstrate proficiency in creating forecasting models using Argus A&E. Product types entered the software include the following: retail, office, and apartments.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of how the A&E software performs key functions that occur “behind” the scenes to include tenant rollover, debt and equity placements. Accomplished by way of entering cases first then entering the same case into A&E.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in interpreting the reports function of Argus A&E and how to use the results to make investment decision‌.