Public Health Minor

(21-22 Credits)

The public health minor provides students with an overview of the art and science of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health. Students interested in pursuing teacher certification in health should contact the department chair or program coordinator for information regarding course requirements for health certification in South Carolina.

REQUIRED COURSES (12 credits) Credit hours
PUBH 121 Personal and Community Health 3
PUBH 304 Nutrition 3
PUBH 310 Issues in Family Life Sexuality 3
PUBH 382 Concepts of Disease (3)* 3
  *can substitute with PUBH electives of PUBH substitutions; please contact department chair  
Choose two courses from the following PUBH ELECTIVES** or PUBH SUBSTITUTIONS***: (6 credits)
PUBH 222 Medical Terminology (3)  
PUBH 331 Health Education for Primary and Elementary School (3)  
PUBH 333 Environmental Health (3)  
PUBH 340 Drug Education (3)  
PUBH 347 Consumer Health Education (3)  
PUBH 480 Women's Health Issues (3)  
PUBH SUBSTITUTONS*** The following courses may be substituted for PUBH 382 or
PUBH electives; please contact department chair
PUBH 320 Public Health Policy and Advocacy (3)
PUBH 349 Peer Educator Training (3)
PUBH 370 Principles and Practices of Patient Education (3)
PUBH 375 Global Health Perspectives (3)
PUBH 380 Essential of the US Health Care System (3)
PUBH 401 Issues in Health Services and Public Health Practices (3)
PUBH 403 Leadership in the Health Professions (3)
PUBH 411 Community Nutrition Outreach (3)
PUBH 420 Health Policy (3)
PUBH 399/499 Public Health Independent Study (3)
Choose one from the following: (3-4 credits)
(may need to do a course substitution; please contact department chair)
BIOL 232/232L Human Anatomy and Physiology I/Laboratory (4)
BIOL 242/242L Human Anatomy and Physiology II/Laboratory (4)
PSYC 333  Health Psychology (3)
PSYC 423 Psychology of Aging (3)
SOC 361 Sociology of Health and Illness (3)
SOC 362 Medical Sociology (3)
SOC 455 Sociology of Aging (3)
SOC 460 Sociology of Mental Health (3)

Total Credits Required 21-22

Have questions? Contact:

Fredanna M'Cormack McGough, Ph.D.
Department of Health Sciences
Swain Hall 136
843-349-5053 (fax)