Roommates 101

Living with a roommate, and college in general, is a big adjustment for everyone. While having a roommate inevitably has it challenges, it can also be a great part of your son or daughter's college experience. We believe that living with someone else is an important part of the college experience as it provides residents the opportunity to learn from someone different than themselves. University Housing staff members are here to assist in every step along the way.

All residents are required to complete a roommate agreement within the first few weeks of the semester. Even if residents have their own bedroom or know their roommates, completing this agreement is important to have a positive living environment. The roommate agreement is a tool to assist residents in opening the lines of communication among each other and establishing guidelines for the living space.

Resident Advisers (RAs) are student staff members here to assist residents in communicating with roommates and assisting in roommate mediation. If a conflict does arise between roommates, we always encourage residents to respectfully talk to each other first. If it does not result in a desired outcome or your son or daughter are not sure how to approach the roommate, RAs can assist. When resolution is not possible, residents can work with their Community Coordinator (CC) to facilitate a room change. We want the on campus living experience to be positive and rewarding for all, so encourage your son or daughter to reach out to a staff member any time for assistance.

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