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Community Living Guide and License Agreement

Message about Resident Guests

As part of the Coastal Comeback Plan (section 3.3.2), there is a limit on University Visitors and Guests during Phase 1 including University Housing.

3.3.2 University Visitors and Volunteers 

The University strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our campus. To that end, the University has implemented changes regarding visitors, volunteers, and University affiliates access to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review and communicate the procedures below to all employees. Campus Visitors

Student Guests (guests of students on campus)

  • No guests will be permitted on campus or in the residence halls during Phase 1. Residents are allowed to have a few individuals assist during the move-in and move-out processes, but only during their preassigned move-in/move-out time slot.

Community Living Guide

Living on campus while you are in college is an invaluable experience, and the same holds true for Coastal Carolina University. It offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people who have similar interests and to meet people entirely different from you. It gives you real-life experience living both in a community and with roommates. It teaches you what it means to be responsible for your own place of living. It is comfortable, convenient and fun.

Living in CCU housing also means that you agree to abide by policies belonging to University Housing and the University at large. Below is a thorough guide to University Housing's policies by which all residents are expected to abide.

2020-2021 Community Living Guide

University Housing License Agreement

The University Housing License Agreement is an academic year agreement for fall and spring semesters. Summer semester is separate from the academic year. You will have an opportunity to review and agree to it online through the online housing application. Below is a copy of the current University Housing License Agreement.

2020-2021 University Housing License Agreement

2021-2022 University Housing License Agreement

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