Housing Comparison Chart

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Housing Comparison Chart

Each of our residential communities are unique with different features in each, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Click on Residential Communities to learn about each community in detail and see a floor plan and picture. To get a quick snapshot and compare them all, take a look at the chart below.

  Blue Ridge and Piedmont Grand Strand Low Country and Sandhills The Cove The Gardens The Woods Eaglin and Ingle Chanticleer, DeCenzo, Singleton-Young, and Tradition
Approximate Occupancy 985 290 830 460 130 420 1000 1300
Student Type Upperclass Upperclass Upperclass Upperclass New Student New Student New Student New Student
Special Interest Housing     X     X X X
Single Bedroom (1 bed with 1 person) X X X X   X X  
Double Bedroom (2 beds with 2 people)   X (104 & 106)   X (all except 1138)       X
Triple Bedroom (3 beds with 3 people)         X   X  
Bed Sheet Size Full Full for single; XL Twin for double Full Full for single; XL Twin for double XL Twin XL Twin XL Twin XL Twin
Shared Bath X* X   X X X X X
Private Bath X X X X        
Kitchen X X X X X      
Refrigerator X X X X X X    
Stove X X X X X      
Dishwasher X X X X        
Microwave X X X X        
Washer/Dryer X X X X        
Living Room X X X X X X X (Single suites only)  
Carpet X X X X     X (Ingle)  
Patio/Balcony   X X          
Study Room               X
TV Lounge               X

* 4-bedroom apartments share a tub or shower with each bedroom has a private toilet room with sink.

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