Exercise Science Club - Coastal Carolina University
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Exercise Science Club

The purpose of the Exercise Science Club is to develop professional skills and knowledge for exercise science students at Coastal Carolina University.

The Exercise Science Club will seek out and/or create opportunities that:

  • Increase students’ knowledge and understanding of exercise physiology and the profession.
  • Provide students with professional experiences within the University and community.
  • Improve professional writing and presentation skills.
  • Enable student to attend and participate in professional conferences.
  • Build a professional network.
Exercise Science Club Officers

Lauren Shellenberger - President - lnshellen@coastal.edu

Katerra Yeager - Vice President - klyeager@coastal.edu

Candace Dozier - Treasurer - cldozier@coastal.edu

Gianna Curto - Public Relations - gbcurto@coastal.edu

Ashley Palonis - Secretary apalonis@coastal.edu

Emily Trimberger - Planning Committee Chair - eatrimber@coastal.edu