Internships with LiveWell - Coastal Carolina University
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Internships are a way for students to obtain experiential learning in their chosen field of study.
Internships are available in the LiveWell Office and are available to students studying a variety of majors, including, but not limited to psychology, public health, women’s and gender studies, communication, sociology, marketing and graphic design. Internships for course credit can be created for between 1 and 6 credit hours.
Interns are able to identify areas of interest that can include one or more of the following areas:

• General health and wellness (using the 9 Dimensions of Wellness model)
• Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention/Recovery Community
• Interpersonal Violence Prevention (domestic, dating, sexual violence, stalking)
• Emotional Wellness/Mental Health
• Nutrition
• Marketing
• Graphic Design
• Possible others with approval from staff and faculty.

Interns may obtain course credit by registering for courses within their academic department. LiveWell staff will assist students who are interested in connecting to the appropriate faculty member in their department.

Internship activities can include, but are not limited to: research, marketing, event planning and execution, public speaking, creating marketing materials, social media, assisting with general office duties and more.

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