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An emergency procurement is permitted only when there is a situation which creates a threat to public health, welfare or safety such as may arise by reason of floods, epidemics, riots, equipment failures, fire loss, or such other reason as may be proclaimed by the President of the University or designee. The existence of such conditions must create an immediate and serious need for supplies, services, information technology or construction that cannot be met through normal procurement methods and the lack of which would seriously threaten: the preservation or protection of property, or the health or safety of any person.

Am I required to get quotes?

Yes. You should attain as many quotes as are practical under the circumstances, and are limited to those supplies, services, information technology or construction items necessary to meet the emergency.

Who decides what I am trying to purchase will be considered an emergency procurement?

The Chief Procurement Officer should be notified as soon as possible when emergency procurements are a possibility. The Chief Procurement Officer reviews the circumstances and prepares a justification which is submitted for approval to the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration.