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Change Orders

What is a Change Order?

A Change Order is a process used to make changes to an outstanding Purchase Order.

How are Change Orders initiated?

For ePro@ccu orders, create a Change Request Comment indicating the changes requested.  Please include the Procurement Specialist as the email recipient.

Who is authorized to approve Change Orders?

The Procurement Specialist who originally approved the purchase order.

Is a Change Order required in all situations involving a change?

No. Accounts Payable is authorized to exercise their judgment and pay increases up to 10 percent without contacting a procurement specialist for approval, with the following exceptions:

  1. When the purchase order total for these goods plus freight exceeds $2,500;
  2. State contract orders.
  3. All increases in quantity.
What if I need to request a price increase of 10 percent or more?

Accounts Payable will email the procurement specialist who approved the original Purchase Order.