Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Intramural Sportsmanship Policy

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

University Recreation Employee Handbook (pending revisions)

University Recreation Facility Usage Policy


This policy outlines guidelines for the University Recreation facilities in the Williams Brice Physical Education Center, recreation fields, and HTC Student Recreation Center. University Recreation facilities are for the use and enjoyment of recreational activities for students, staff and faculty.


I. Entry into Indoor & Outdoor Facilities:

A student, staff, or faculty member is required to check-in at all University Recreation facilities before usage (The Williams-Brice Physical Education Center, swimming pool, outdoor recreation fields and HTC Student Recreation Center). Any Coastal Carolina student, staff or faculty member is allowed to bring one guest with the purchase of a guest pass. All guests must be accompanied by the member at the time of use. Guest passes are available for purchase through University Recreation. Coastal Carolina University Alumni and approved University affiliates may also purchase time limited membership for University Recreation facilities.

II. Regulations:

  • Participants exercise at their own risk.
  • University Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Profanity or offensive language will not be tolerated, and participants’ may be revoked.
  • University Recreation reserves the right to prohibit usage for anyone who violates departmental policies.
  • Guest pass must be purchased for any CCU student guest to use facilities.
  • Detail of facility policies are posted in each facility.