Lesson FAQs

Swim Lesson FAQs

How do I register?
Register online at via our RecStore. If you are a student, faculty or staff member you will need to put in your CCU username and password. You will only be able to register for one lesson/child at a time. Be sure to put your child’s name in the comment or notes section so we can add their name to the roster, not yours.

How many lessons are in a session?
There are six lessons per session. Lessons are twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, for three weeks. When you register and pay for a session, you are paying for six lessons.

If I miss a lesson can I make it up?
Unfortunately, we do not offer make-ups. The only time that we will schedule a make-up lesson is if the lesson gets canceled by the aquatics staff. For example, if the pool needs to be closed due to mechanical issues, poor water conditions.

Does the pool close due to thunder/lightning?
Yes, we will close the pool if lightning is detected within three miles of the pool. We have a lightning detection system that lets us know when lightning is getting close, and then when it is within three miles. As soon as the system tells us the lightning has cleared we will re-open the pool. If it is possibly to push lessons back a few minutes and hold lessons on a delayed schedule we will do so, if it is not possible, we will have a swim and water safety day in a classroom.

When will make-up lessons be held?
In the event lightning is detected within three miles of the pool, this/these lesson(s) becomes a swimming and water safety day(s). This will include safety lessons through the Red Cross, as well as Longfellow's Whales Tales activities, videos and books. In the event that three or more in-water lessons are cancelled, we will make up any additional lessons in the water on a designated date to be determined. Please note that this make-up lesson may not take place on a normal class day, but we will do our best to make sure it is at the same time. For example, a lesson that usually takes place on a Monday or Wednesday may be made up on a Friday. Our staff will notify you about any lesson make-ups.

Are there locker rooms available to change?
Yes. There is a men’s and women’s locker room at the pool. We do not have family changing accommodations. We ask that children over the age of 5 please enter the gender appropriate locker rooms. We ask that you please be respectful of others in the locker room, remembering that there are college students also using the facilities at these times, as well as your child(rens) swim instructor.

What should I bring to lessons?
Be sure to bring/wear your bathing suit and towel for lessons. Swim caps and goggles are encouraged. Be sure to dress your child with a swim diaper if they are not potty trained. Flotation devices, fins, snorkels and googles with a nose piece are strongly discouraged.

What is the instructor to participant ratio?
In preschool level classes the ratio is 1:5 for a 30-minute class. School age level classes are 1:6 for a 45-minute class. The ratio for parent/child classes varies. 

Where should parents go during lessons?

During swim lessons where parents are not participating, we ask that all parents sit in on the deep-end benches. We ask this so that there are as little distractions as possible during the lesson. Having parents out of sight eliminates most potty breaks, tears, and communication with the parents during the lessons. This is especially useful for preschool classes. On the last night of lessons we encourage parents to sit closer, get pictures and videos and watch their child swim and see all the progress they have made!

As a parent/guardian can I swim laps during the lesson?
If you are a Coastal Carolina University student/faculty/staff member you may swim during the swim lesson. Please check in at the Williams-Brice Welcome Desk and receive your wristband. Remember that you will need a valid CINO card in order to have access to the pool.

Can my child swim before or after their lesson?
No. Children are only permitted in the pool with their instructor during their assigned lesson time.

Can my other child who is not participating in swim lessons swim during lessons?
Only those who are registered for lessons may participate or free swim during swim lessons.

Can I bring a guest or family member to participate with me during the parent/child class?
Absolutely! We encourage both parents to participate. If you have an older sibling that would like to participate as well, we just ask that they are at least 15 years of age and know how to swim.