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Coastal Cycles Bike Program Policies and Procedures 

The Coastal Re-Cycles free bike share program is available for CCU students, faculty and staff. To check out a bike, individuals must follow University Recreation policies and procedures.

Renting a Bike

  • Bikes must be checked from the Outdoor Center at the HTC Student Recreation and Convocation Center during hours of operation.
  • Individuals must provide a valid CCU ID and be a current student, faculty, or staff member.  
  • Before checking out a bike, each individual must fill out and sign the Bike Check-Out & Return Agreement. By signing this agreement, individuals are agreeing to all terms of the bike check-out & return process.
  • Each individual will be given a bike and lock. They will also be offered a helmet. The Coastal Re-Cycles bike program recommends that individuals wear helmets at all times while riding a bike. However, individuals can refuse a helmet, at which time they must initial on the agreement that the helmet was refused.  
  • The individuals bike due date is listed on the agreement.

Returning a Bike

  • Individuals who have checked out a Coastal Re-Cycles bike, will be required to return or renew the bike to the Outdoor Center on their assigned due date. On the assigned due date, the individual must bring the bike back to the Outdoor Center during hours of operation to return or renew. An after-hours drop-box is located outside the Outdoor Center roll up door at the HTC Center.
  • Typically individuals will receive a reminder e-mail and/or call about their due date. However, this may not always be the case and ultimately it is the responsibility of the individual to bring the bike back on time and in good condition.
  • Late bikes result in a $5 per day fee, until it has been returned. If late fees are not paid, University Recreation holds the rights to place a hold on a student account until fees are paid.
  • After a bike due date has passed and the bike has not been returned, University Recreation has the right to repossess the bike and charge fees associated.
  • If a bike is not returned 30 days after the assigned due date, University Recreation has the right to place a charge of up to $250 on the student’s account at that time until fees are paid. Once the bike is returned and/or fee paid, the hold will be removed from the account.
  • If a student owes a bike late fee that exceeds $20, a hold will be placed on their student account until fees are paid. 
  • Lost and stolen bikes will result in a fee to be paid by the individual that checked-out the bike. 

Renewing a Bike

  • Individuals have option to renew their Coastal Re-Cycles bike based on availability.
  • Individuals can be granted bike renewal under these circumstances:
    • Current checked-out bike is kept in good condition and the individual has followed proper polices and procedures of the Coastal Re-Cycles Program.
    • The bike is brought in for renewal on the assigned due date or if returned late, the individual has paid all late fees.  

Damage and Repairs to a Bike

  • Individuals can bring check-out bikes into the Outdoor Center for repairs during hours of operation. Small repairs such as seat adjustments, air in tires, broken chain, and so on, require no fee.
  • If an individual returns a damaged bike, it will be assessed for repair cost and that individual must pay a repair fee. Individuals who damage bikes may not rent another bike until damage has been assessed and damaged fee has been paid. 
  • Individuals, who seriously damage bikes and/or do not pay for repairs, cannot rent bikes in the future.