Outdoor Center FAQs


What equipment can I rent?

  • Kayaks (river and ocean)
  • Canoes
  • Paddleboards
  • Camping Gear
    • Tents
    • Cookware and camp stoves
    • Hammocks
    • Sleeping bags and pads

For a full list of our rentals and prices, check-out our brochure: 2019 Outdoor Center Brochure


Where can I take a kayak?

The best place to take your kayak locally is the Waccamaw River. It is a beautiful river with a variety of kayak trails and wildlife. For more information on the Waccamaw River visit: Waccamaw River Information . There are many good areas to put in your kayak in the river, including the Waccamaw River Walk and Cox Ferry Rd boat launch in Conway. You are required to have a life jacket and whistle on your kayak at all times. 

Where can I take a stand-up paddle board? 

The Waccamaw River is a great place to take a Paddle Board. It is close, calm ride, which is great for beginner paddle boarders. There are a couple of places to put your kayak in at the river: Cox Ferry Road or the Waccamaw River Walk are great locations to put in a Paddle Board. On the river, you are required to have a life jacket and whistle on your paddle board at all times. 

You can also take the board to the ocean if you would like a lite more of a challenge. For information on beach restrictions and rules for kayaks and paddle bards, visit: Kayak & Paddle Board Regulations in Myrtle Beach .

Where can I go camping locally?

Huntington Beach State Park is a 2,500-ace park that includes nature trails, a marsh and plenty of fishing opportunities for $17 a night. Call 843-237-4440 for reservations or visit Huntington Beach State Park .

Myrtle Beach State Park (4401 S. Kings Highway) Sites range from $25-$38 depending on site. Call 843-238-5325 for reservations or visit Myrtle Beach State Park

Where can I go mountain biking locally?

A great location is the Jackson Bluff Mountain Bike Trail, located behind University Place. Built in conjunction with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Jackson Bluff is part of the Waccamaw Wildlife Refuge. The trail has a combination of singletrack, doubletrack and fire roads. The singletrack trail, built with the help of IMBA, is technical and demands your attention and focus. The doubletrack and fire roads are fast and smooth. Trails are marked with Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green diamonds.

Directions: Turn on Jackson Bluff Road towards University Place at the Gullies Shell gas station. Drive past Grand Strand Water and Sewer. Continue straight past the water retention ponds on the left. You will see a sign that reads ” End of State Road Maintenance.” Drive straight and the pavement will begin to get a little rough. Go past the creek and look for the trailhead entrance and parking area on the left.

For more information on local mountain bike trails, groups, and resources, visit: Waccamaw Trail Blazers .


Who can go on a Outdoor Adventure trip?

You must be a CCU student, faculty or staff to go on a trip. *On some trips, spouses and/or family members are invited to join. This will be indicated in the trip description. If this case, they must participate with a CCU student, faculty or staff member present on the trip. 

Participants with disabilities are welcome to register for trips, and should contact outdoor coordinator, Brian Nicosia, in advance so we can make reasonable accommodations. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, however, due to the remote and wilderness nature of several trips we may not be able to accommodate all disabilities.

What level of fitness do I need to be to go on a trip?

Most trips will be for beginners and more advanced trips will be clearly marked. You can always contact us if you have concerns about your physical conditions. As with any outdoor adventure activities, you may be required to carry a heavy pack, kayak, paddle board; hike long distance; climb; sleep on the ground, and more. A generally healthy individual will have no problems participating in any of our trips.

Do I need to own my personal gear on trips?

No. We offer gear for most trips, unless specified otherwise. You are welcome to bring your own gear on trips and often we can provide discounts to those participants who bring gear. You will need to provide your own clothes, food, and other personal items.