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Course Modalities

Course Modalities

Explanations of the various ways in which course content is delivered at CCU

Course Modalities are listed as Course Types in Self Service, and students can filter for different course modalities based on their personal preferences.  To filter for a specific delivery method, search for sections in the Course Catalog and use the Filter Results (Course Types) to pick your preferred delivery method.

    • DL (Distance Learning) - asynchronous, wholly online instruction, no expectation that students will be available at any certain time or place


    • STRM (Streaming) - synchronous, wholly online instruction, expectation that students be available at a certain time, but not a certain place


    • HYB (Hybrid) - a combination of in-class and online instruction, expectation that students be available at certain times in certain places, both online and in-person.  Currently no definition of how much online work should occur, or whether that online work is synchronous or asynchronous


    • ICO (In-Class Only) - Traditional, in-class modality with expectation that students be in a physical place at a certain time with no expectation of any technology usage (though some tech support may be present, e.g. Moodle)