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Diploma Information

Coastal Carolina University Diplomas

Original Diplomas
Diplomas are typically mailed within six to eight weeks after graduation. Please allow time for your diploma to arrive after your graduation. Diplomas will be mailed to the address you provided on the graduation application. Please contact us for assistance if your diploma was damaged upon arrival or was never received.

Request a Replacement Diploma
Additional diplomas can be ordered for a  $25.00 charge for each diploma order. To place an order for an additional diploma, please visit the Diploma Reorder Request site to place your order.  Payment will be collected at the time you place your order and your request will be submitted for processing.  It may take 3‐4 weeks after ordering to receive your diploma. There will be a small disclaimer at the bottom of the diploma stating this is a replacement diploma.

Request an Official CeDiploma
A CeDiploma will only be available for students that graduate after December 14, 2018. A Coastal Carolina University CeDiploma is an official, secure and verifiable PDF version of your Diploma. You can download your CeDiploma from Coastal Carolina CeDiploma. Once your CeDiploma is downloaded you can share it with family, friends, employers, or social media. A CeDiploma can always be validated through Coastal Carolina CeDiploma Validation

Digital Diploma Information


Coastal Carolina University is proud to offer Certified Electronic Diplomas to all graduates. Click below to learn more about digital diplomas.

Credential Validation

All digital diplomas and certificates can be validated through the issuer. Click below to validate a digital credential.