REACH Act Compliance - Coastal Carolina University
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Coastal Carolina University complies with the South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 59-29-130, commonly known as the REACH Act, through the below practices. All students who started college after Fall 2021 are required by law to fulfill these requirements as a component of graduating from any public, South Carolina institution of higher education.

Option 1: HIST*201 or POLI*201 at Coastal Carolina University

Completing either of these courses through instruction at Coastal Carolina University automatically fulfills a student's REACH Act compliance.  These two courses' syllabi have been vetted for compliance and students completing either of these courses with a passing grade need take no further action. Compliance approval for students taking either of these courses will be issued upon verification of passing grades in the courses, at the end of each term.

Option 2: HIST*201 or POLI*201 transfer from an approved institution

Many South Carolina public institutions teach courses similar to HIST*201 or POLI*201, and if those courses have also been certified to comply with the REACH Act, students earning HIST*201 or POLI*201 transfer credit based on successful completion of courses at one of those institutions will automatically fulfill a student's REACH Act compliance.  Compliance approval for students transferring in these courses is granted at the time of awarding of transfer credit.  If a student received transfer credit for HIST*201 or POLI*201, but did not receive fulfillment of the REACH Act, then the course from the other institution is not approved to fulfill this requirement and the student will need to choose another option for fulfillment of this requirement.

Option 3: HIST*201 or POLI*201 Advanced Placement Credit

Students earning either HIST*201 or POLI*201 credit through Advanced Placement testing (United States History or US Government and Politics exams with a score of 3 or higher) will fulfill the REACH Act. Compliance approval for students taking either of these courses will be issued upon receipt of AP Test scores and issuance of CCU credit. No further action on the student's part is necessary beyond submitting qualifying test scores.

Option 4: Completion of CCU Moodle course on Founding Documents

Students transferring HIST*201 or POLI*201 courses from institutions whose courses are not certified compliant with the REACH Act will receive credit for the respective course, but must still comply with the REACH Act.  In order to facilitate this compliance, Coastal Carolina University has established a Moodle course on the Founding Documents of the American Government, which is documented to comply with the REACH Act requirements. Students needing to fulfill this requirement may enroll in the Moodle course, read the materials, and pass the concluding quiz. Details about the Moodle course can be found within the course itself.

Students wishing to enroll in the Moodle course to fulfill their REACH Act compliance can do so beginning the first day of their first semester at CCU. To enroll in this course:

  1. Log into
  2. Select REACH Act Compliance Module from the "Student Resources" dashboard on the right-hand side of the Moodle dashboard page. This will take you to the course enrollment page.
  3. Select "Enroll me" to enroll in the course. You will have this course added to your Courses page, and you will receive a welcome email from the course. This is a self-paced course that is completed upon successful completion of the concluding quiz. Students will receive fulfillment of their REACH*ACT degree requirement the next day, after successful completion of the Moodle course.

REACH Act screenshot - step 1

REACH Act screenshot - step 2

Option 5: Exemption from the REACH Act

Students who graduated high school and began post-secondary education at an institution of higher education prior to Fall 2021 are exempt from the REACH Act requirements. If you believe you may be exempt and should have this requirement waived, please contact from your CCU email address and ask the Registrar's Office to review your record.  If you meet the waiver criteria, this degree requirement will be waived on your Progress report. Students who are exempt from the REACH Act must still complete either HIST*201 or POLI*201 to be eligible for graduation.