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Apply for Graduation

Applying for Graduation

Students who have finished their final advising session and registered for all the classes they need to complete their degree may apply for graduation through Self Service at or by selecting Graduation Overview from the left-hand navigation menu, under Academics.

Beginning the Process

After navigating to the Graduation Overview page, students should see their program of study listed, along with an "Apply" link.  If you believe your program of study information to be incorrect, stop here and contact your advisor.  Otherwise, click "Apply" to begin the Graduation Application process.

Completing your application

Fill in the information requested on the application.  Every field is relevant to some portion of your commencement, so please complete all fields.

If you would like a different name on your diploma, please contact with your request.  You will receive further guidance based on the specific nature of your request.

Student-Graduation Application Form

Students will receive an email acknowledgment to their CCU email address within 5 minutes of applying with all active academic advisers copied on the email.

Next, your application will move through departmental and college level reviews and end up with the Office of the Registrar. Your application will then remain at that status until after final grades have been received for the semester, at which time a final audit will be conducted by the Registrar's Office to ensure you have met all of your degree requirements. Depending on the number of graduation candidates, the final audit process can take up to six to eight weeks to be completed.

How do I pay my graduation application fee?

Students will receive a link in their acknowledgement email to the Student Account Center to make a payment for their graduation application. 

Students that are reapplying for the same program (e.g. from previous denial or any other reason) will not be required to repay the application fee (the payment section of the online application will be bypassed).   However, students will need to pay and apply for each separate degree. 

What can I expect after applying?

After submitting your graduation application, you will added to the commencement mailing list and will begin getting commencement-related emails as your commencement date approaches.  You can also visit for up-to-date information about your particular commencement details.  After commencement, the Registrar's Office will begin processing final semester grades and making final determinations on graduation applications.  Once a final determination has been made on your application, you will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar detailing that decision.

What do I need to do if something changes?

If anything related to your graduation changes, including program of study, diploma name, diploma mailing address, or anything else, please contact to update your information.