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CCU’s Cincinnatus Center receives grant award

August 29, 2022
CCU’s Cincinnatus Center is led by (from left) Kimberly Hurd Hale, Michael Promisel, and Drew Kurlowski.

Coastal Carolina University’s Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences’ Cincinnatus Center has received a nearly $35,000 grant award from the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America’s Founding Principles and History. The grant supports the Cincinnatus Center’s programs: The Forum on Liberty and the American Founding, summer civics seminar, and other public lectures and events.

The Forum on Liberty and the American Founding is a reading group which explores a particular theme in American political thought over the course of the semester. The summer civics seminar is a week-long program on the American political tradition. This seminar is geared toward middle school and high school teachers in Horry and surrounding counties, offering content-based professional development to equip teachers with the history and pedagogy to lead students in the study of America’s founding documents.

“Each of these programs advances the mission of our center: to study, discuss, and promote civic education, civic virtue, and traditions of political and economic thought within Coastal Carolina University and the greater Conway and Myrtle Beach communities,” said Michael Promisel, a CCU political science assistant professor and the Cincinnatus Center assistant director.