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ROTC Curriculum

 25 total credits required

See the most updated Coastal Carolina University Catalog for complete listings. 

ROTC Basic Course (10 Credits)

ROTC 101 - Fundamentals of Military Science (2 credits)

An introduction to the mission, organization and history of ROTC: Military and civilian obligation in relation to National Security; Individual Arms and Marksmanship Techniques, Emergency Medical Treatment. The students will receive information that will help them understand and prepare military correspondence (the Army Writing Style). Leadership Laboratory training to include thorough indoctrination in military courtesy and customs of the service, drill experience, development of initiative and self-confidence.

ROTC 102 - Introduction to the Army (2 credits)
A discussion of the mission and responsibilities of the United States Military Forces in support of National Security with emphasis on the role of the individual, participating citizen. Students will be introduced to Map Reading Techniques. Leadership Laboratory is a continuation of MS 101 Laboratory.

ROTC 201 - Fundamentals of Military Leadership (3 credits)
A detailed study of the applicability of leadership principles, traits, and techniques in all job areas. Additionally, an appreciation is developed for leadership counseling techniques. The organization of the Army culminates this course. 

ROTC 202 - Fundamentals of Military Decision Making (3 credits)
A detailed study of orienteering to include basic fundamentals of map reading, grid systems, scale and distance, elevation and relief, military symbols, direction and location, and utilization of the declination diagram. Additionally, students will discuss the code of conduct, the principles of war and reinforce preparation of military correspondence. Leadership Laboratory is a continuation of M.S. 201 Laboratory. 

ROTC 101L/102L/201L/202L - Basic Leadership Laboratory (Credits inlcuded with lecture courses)
Leadership Lab is in conjunction with ROTC 101, 102, 201, 202. It is a period which supplements and reinforces, through practical application, the fundamentals taught in each of the Military Science classes. Leadership Lab is a progressive learning experience designed to produce effective and efficient Second Lieutenants for the United States Army.

The ROTC Basic Course has multiple paths for completion.  If you are interested in ROTC and not an incoming Freshman, please contact the ROTC Department. 



ROTC Advanced Course (15 Credits)

ROTC 301 - Advanced Military Decision Making (3 credits)
How to prepare and conduct military training, to include presentation and communication techniques. Included in this phase of instruction is a 10-minute oral presentation, how to cope with basic problems, i.e., discipline and motivation, encountered in small units, leadership training designed to furthur develop planning and organizational skills, fundamentals of offensive and defensive tactics of war. Attendance at Leadership Labatory is a requirement included within the class.  

ROTC 302 - Applied Military Leadership (3 credits)
A review of the principles and fundamentals of small unit tactics, and the application of the principles of offensive and defensive combat to units of the infantry battalion. Familiarization with characteristics, operation and employment of small unit weapons, communication systems and equipment, and continued development of selected Military Skills. Orientation relative to administrative procedures, required standards of performance, and general conduct of training at Warrior Forge, the Leadership Development and Assessment Course. Attendance at Leadership Labatory is a requirement included within the class.  

ROTC 401 - Leadership and Management Seminar I (3 credits)
Leadership management and professional development, a study of the U.S. Army Personnel Management System, methods of conducting Command and Staff and Unit meetings, how to prepare miliary correspondence, ethics and professionalism, military justice. Attendance at Leadership Labatory is a requirement included within the class.  

ROTC 402 - Leadership and Management Seminar II (3 credits)
Management simulation exercise and Active Duty orientation, small unit effectiveness and Army Training Management, the U.S. Army Logistics system, interpersonal skills, counseling techniques, and personnel evaluation, the Law and Principles of War, Code of Conduct and Geneva Convention, customs and courtesies of an Army officer. Attendance at Leadership Labatory is a requirement included within the class.  

HIST 460 - American Military History (3 credits)                                                                                              A study of principal military strategies and their imprint on American military strategy and tactics; the causes of selected wars in American history and the conduct of war by the nation’s armed forces; war’s impact on America’s political, economic, and military systems; and the lasting imprint of war on America’s military personnel and civilian population.