Sports Studies Minor

The minor in Sport Studies allows students to explore the dynamic and expanding world of sport and sport management. Coursework will allow the study of sport behavior, culture, organizational theory and ethics/moral reasoning.

Students also learn and apply administrative, managerial, and leadership concepts in educational, public and commercial sport settings. Minor requirements include courses such as sport behavior/psychology, sport in society, sport ethics, sport event programming and sport facility planning/management. The Sport Studies minor complements study in academic areas which may connect with sport, such as areas of business, education, communication and the social sciences. The minor requires a grade of C or better in all coursework applied to the minor.


  • RSM 242 Introduction to Recreation and Sport Management (3 credits)
  • RSM 337 Legal Issues in Recreation and Sport (3 credits)
  • RSM 490 Program and Event Planning in Recreation and Sport (3 credits)
  • RSM 494 Area and Facility Management in Recreation and Sport (3 credits)

Choose one: (3 Credits)

  • RSM 400 Sport in Contemporary Society (3 credits)
  • EXSS 340 Sport and Exercise Behavior (3 credits)

ELECTIVES (6 Credits)

Choose two from the following:

  • RSM 301 Principles of Coaching (3 credits)
  • RSM 305 Sports Officiating (3 credits)
  • RSM 309 Youth Sport (3 credits)
  • RSM 317 Moral and Ethical Reasoning in Recreation and Sport (3 credits)
  • RSM 393 Sport Media and Communication (3 credits)
  • RSM 394 Sport Technology (3 credits)
  • RSM 377 Sport Tourism (3 credits)
  • RSM 410 Financing Sport and Sales (3 credits)