Board of Visitors - Coastal Carolina University
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Board of Visitors

The Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences board of visitors is an organization of business, education, professional, and community leaders who contribute their time, talents, and resources to the College for the purpose of strengthening the work of the College in such areas as program development, program delivery, faculty development, and service.

Row 1: Tracy Bailey (Co-chair), Cheryl Adamson, Carolyn Ellis (Chair), Muriel O’Tuel, Eileen Patonay, Monica Vehige

Row 2: Anita Floyd Lee, Lee Brockington, Kelvin Waites, Norman McQueen, Jessica Greene, Sally Hare, Brantay Cohens, Howard Barnard, Gwen Ward

An important additional purpose of the Board is to help strengthen the partnership between the business community and the faculty and students of the College and to represent the goals of the Board, the College, and Coastal Carolina University to the local, state, regional and national community. The Board consists of ten to twenty-five members nominated by the Board’s Nominating/By-Laws Committee who meet quarterly on behalf of the College. Anyone interested in further information about the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences board of visitors should contact the Office of the Dean at 843-349-2629 or

  • Carolyn Ellis, Chair
  • Tracy Bailey, Co-chair
  • Cheryl Adamson
  • Barbara Allen
  • Brenda Bethune
  • Lee Brockington
  • Brantay Cohens
  • Sarah Elliott
  • Anita Floyd Lee
  • Jessica Greene
  • Heather Hoppe
  • Rick Maxey
  • Norman McQueen
  • Muriel O'Tuel
  • Eileen Fleming Patonay
  • Keith Price
  • Margaret "Peg" Skalican
  • Monica Vehige
  • Kelvin Waites
  • Gwen Ward
  • Jennifer Wilson

Member Spotlight

Muriel Ward O’Tuel, Ph.D.  has been a member of the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences board of visitors for 26 years, served as board chair for 15 years, and continues to also serve on the Teaching Fellows Advisory Board at Coastal Carolina University. “I enjoy being in an environment where students are learners devoted to becoming teachers of excellence and I am devoted to cheering them on with encouragement, kindness, and gratitude,” Dr. O’Tuel exclaimed. “Since almost 80% of CCU teacher graduates find teaching jobs in Horry and Georgetown Counties, building positive relationships with them now will greatly impact the quality of education in our communities in the future," she added. Being a CCU donor, she promotes investing in education at any level.

A former psychologist, educator, and school administrator, Dr. O’Tuel is an acclaimed keynote and motivational speaker who has spoken regionally, nationally, and internationally to business, university, school, church, and civic audiences. She is the author of "Footprints  on the Heart: The Caring Path to Prosperity," and is currently working on her second book "Heartprints are Forever." She is a member of the National Speakers Association and is active with DKG International, an organization of key women educators worldwide. She is also a Waccamaw American Leadership Forum Fellow and the first woman to receive the Distinguished Citizen Award of the Pee Dee Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. In 2013, CCU’s Women in Philanthropy and Leadership presented Dr. O’Tuel with their prestigious Inspiring Woman Award.   

Dr. O’Tuel maintains a vigorous volunteer schedule, serving on boards and committees and attending chamber, church, and community events. “This involvement opens  my  windows to local growth and needs while keeping me energized for positive living and giving,” she said. "The array and quality of student theatre, music, and art which CCU offers, provides food for my heart and soul."

Dr. O’Tuel, who holds a Ph.D. in counselor education and psychology from the University of South Carolina, has taught students at all levels from elementary through higher education, and served as the assistant superintendent of Horry County Schools. It was the first grade teacher in a small rural school who opened her eyes to the wonders of learning on that very first day of school. Muriel was the only one in the class who had never heard of Humpty Dumpty, but at the end of the school day, Muriel knew she wanted to be a caring, kind teacher just like Miss McGougan.

As a result of her experiences in teaching, she offers valuable advice to Spadoni College students: LOVE your students; CHALLENGE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE them; teach them to be curious, kind, and respectful; teach in a way that allows you to pass on your PASSION for teaching; let them know that you don’t know everything; ask for help when you need it; find a caring mentor ready to listen and provide assistance. Remember there is no greater wisdom than KINDNESS. In life, JOY comes to those who are willing to take the chances, stay open to the possibilities, keep the faith, and just do what it takes to make it work.

Dr. O’Tuel continues to leave footprints on the hearts of everyone she meets and advocates that we live today the legacy we wish to leave.