Board of Visitors

The Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences board of visitors is an organization of business, education, professional, and community leaders who contribute their time, talents, and resources to the College for the purpose of strengthening the work of the College in such areas as program development, program delivery, faculty development, and service.

Row 1: Tracy Bailey (Co-chair), Cheryl Adamson, Carolyn Ellis (Chair), Muriel O’Tuel, Eileen Patonay, Monica Vehige

Row 2: Anita Floyd Lee, Lee Brockington, Kelvin Waites, Norman McQueen, Jessica Greene, Sally Hare, Brantay Cohens, Howard Barnard, Gwen Ward

An important additional purpose of the Board is to help strengthen the partnership between the business community and the faculty and students of the College and to represent the goals of the Board, the College, and Coastal Carolina University to the local, state, regional and national community. The Board consists of ten to twenty-five members nominated by the Board’s Nominating/By-Laws Committee who meet quarterly on behalf of the College. Anyone interested in further information about the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences board of visitors should contact the Office of the Dean at 843-349-2629 or

  • Carolyn Ellis, Chair
  • Tracy Bailey, Co-chair
  • Howard Barnard
  • Barbara Allen
  • Brenda Bethune
  • Lee Brockington
  • Brantay Cohens
  • Sarah Elliott
  • Anita Floyd Lee
  • Jessica Greene
  • Sally Hare
  • Heather Hoppe
  • Rick Maxey
  • Norman McQueen
  • Muriel O'Tuel
  • Eileen Fleming Patonay
  • Keith Price
  • Margaret "Peg" Skalican
  • Monica Vehige
  • Kelvin Waites
  • Gwen Ward

Member Spotlight

Dr. Jessica Greene, LPC (Sociology '03) is a licensed professional counselor and the CEO of Next Level Behavioral Health and Wellness, LLC. Dr. Greene’s focus is on individuals who are seeking relief from anxiety, depression, stress, burnout/overwhelm of diverse identities, and she mentors and advises her clients to achieve high goals and be their true authentic self. Prior to venturing into private practice in 2017, she worked as a career specialist and professional school counselor for Horry County Schools for 14 years.

Outside of work, you’ll find her spending time with family, relaxing on the beach or boat, reading, traveling, and watching football.