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B.A. in Higher Education and Community Engagement 

The Bachelor of Arts in Higher Education and Community Engagement provides students with the critical skills and abilities to work successfully in higher education or community educational settings. This degree is multidisciplinary in nature and will ensure students are able to create, assess, and lead programming in these settings. This major is grounded in interdisciplinary foundational concepts. Students will develop knowledge and skills that enable them to be successful in higher-level major courses that focus on leadership and action research. The program culminates in both an internship and capstone experience with built-in, hands-on projects and career networking opportunities. This major supports students who want to become leaders in nontraditional educational settings, including colleges and universities, as well as other agencies that serve to engage the community in various ways through educational programs, such as the Boys and Girls Club and other non-profit agencies that offer summer and after-school enrichment programs, as well as health education and adult education.

Program Requirements

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all required program courses and major requirements. Field experiences are required during the final two semesters.

Deborah Conner, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Prince 105D