Program Highlights and Testimonials


“I love how new and innovative our program is. We have some of the most effective professional development sessions and business meetings because we are organized and precise. We determine our goals and accomplish them as a collective which is powerful as a student led organization.”
-Ajzahn Brown, 2019 Cohort

“My favorite thing about the CCU Teaching Fellows is the traits that all the Fellows seem to have. CCU Teaching Fellows are motivated and successful. When someone joins the CCU Teaching Fellows, it is easier for them to find that motivation and drive to be successful because that person has surrounded themselves with people and traits that make them better.”
-Mason Tyler, 2020 Cohort

“I love how close everybody is and that we all feel like a family.”
-Hannah Cleveland, 2020 Cohort

“I chose the CCU Teaching Fellows program because it seemed to be a positive experience for many that opened up many opportunities.”
-Ashlyn Franey, 2021 Cohort

“I love how there are multiple events that take place, being mandatory or optional. This organization doesn't cause too much stress but gives me an opportunity to look at things from a "Professional" point of view.”
-Abigail Cunningham, 2022 Cohort

“I was ‘sold’ to this program for the opportunity to teach in a classroom my first year. Without the program I would only be able to observe a classroom for a couple hours twice a semester.”
-Allison Beyersdorf, 2022 Cohort

“My favorite thing is getting to dive deeper into what I love, which is becoming a teacher. I love the opportunity to grow and meet many new people.”
-Julia Owens, 2022 Cohort