Chosen Name Notification

Chosen Name Notification

Creating and sustaining an inclusive environment is central to the mission of Coastal Carolina University. We recognize that members of our campus community may use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. Names and pronouns are one of the ways we portray our identities. Using someone’s preferred name and pronouns is one of the most basic ways to show you respect their identity.

The Dean of Students Office partners with students who wish to notify their faculty of their chosen name and/or pronouns for use in the classroom. Students interested in requesting this notification may fill out the Chosen Name Notification Request Form. Once received, Student Advocacy and Intervention will submit a notification to the professors of classes in which the student is registered, in addition to others specified, informing them of the student’s chosen names and pronouns.

Please note that this form is intended for classroom use only. This form does not change legal names in Moodle, or on academic records. Please note that the last names are unable to be edited in Moodle at this time. For more information about the legal name change process, or to inquire about changing identifying information in other University systems, please contact Student Advocacy and Intervention at

To learn more about CCU’s commitment to proactively promote an institutional culture of inclusiveness and equity, please contact or visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. For more information about the significance of pronouns, please visit and

Contact Student Advocacy and Intervention

Contact Student Empowerment and Advocacy through the Dean of Students Office at 843-349-4161 or email

For more information, please visit Student Empowerment and Advocacy.


Student Empowerment and Advocacy is not therapy. The laws that apply to a confidential therapeutic relationship do not apply to all helping relationships. There may be instances when information needs to be shared with other campus partners to ensure the safety of the campus community. While confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, information will only be shared strictly on a need-to-know basis. For effective coordination of services, you may be asked to sign a release of information.