For Faculty

Service Learning

For Faculty

Faculty who are looking for ways to enrich student learning, enhance their teaching, and revitalize their curriculum are encouraged to consider creating a new course, or adding a service learning component to their existing course.  Community agencies are seeking individual students, small groups, or whole classes to participate in various service projects.


  • Direct participation in service to the community and university partners.
  • Involves students in learning opportunities outside the classroom to better prepare them for their future roles as citizens and community leaders.
  • Eligible for “Q” course Experiential Learning recognition.
  • Courses with a service learning component invigorate teaching pedagogy.
  • Provides a departure from a traditional teaching approach.
  • Connects the community to the curriculum by focusing attention on social issues.
  • Engages students in a more active learning process.
  • Develops student social responsibility and commitment to civic engagement.

Best Practices
Information to assist faculty in integrating service learning into a new or existing course. Download the following best practices documents: