Peer-to-Peer Advice

Peer-to-Peer Advice

Coastal students and alums share helpful tips.

Meredith Persin, B.A. 2020

Photo of Meredith Persin

Meredith was a Tutor in the Writing Center, and advises "Whether a student came in to discuss a hypothetical idea or came ready with an entire fifteen page research paper, they left feeling motivated and more confident about their abilities as a writer. Sometimes you just need to talk through your ideas or get another set of eyes on your assignment to make sure you are on the right track and the Writing Center will provide you with that along with kind conversations and the support you need to do your best."








 Ragen Johnson, B.A. 2018 and M.A. 2019
Photo of Graduate Assistant Ragen Johnson

Ragen was a Graduate Assistant in Academic Coaching, and advises students “just remember that you have to start somewhere and every decision that you make is ultimately going to impact your success. Set a goal and do everything that you can to achieve it! If you keep that goal in mind and wake up every day 100% ready to conquer anything that comes your way, you are guaranteed to succeed. Make memories and have an amazing time in college, but never forget the end goal!”









Hear about a positive online tutoring experience from student Shell Gore.
(video run time 1:38)

Italian tutor and student Alberto Ciroi encourages his peers to take advantage of online tutoring opportunities available for foreign languages.
(video run time 1:24)