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CINO Stride FAQs

How much does the CINO Accelerate program cost?

It’s FREE!

What is the UNIV-210 Second-Year Experience course?

UNIV 210 Sophomore-Year Experience is a 3 credit course designed to support continued academic growth through the integration of campus and community curricular and co-curricular experiences, and the relational transition of second year students. The course focuses on further developing academic and campus engagement, career maturity, self-regulatory learning, growth mindset and resiliency, and personal growth.

Do I have to enroll in UNIV-210?

No, it is an option to enroll if you are participating in CINO Stride.

Am I required to live in campus housing in order to participate in the CINO Stride program?

First- and second-year students who graduate from high school within two calendar years prior to entering CCU are required to live on campus and purchase a residential meal plan. Local students who live with a parent or legal guardian within 50 miles of CCU are automatically exempt from the requirement.

Do I have to live and room with other CINO Stride students?

No. When selecting your roommate during the housing application, you will have access to other CINO Stride students in order to contact them if you would like to room with another student in the program. If you have questions, contact CCU University Housing at (843) 349-6400.


How can I get more information about the CINO Stride Program?

To learn more about CINO Stride or need more information, please contact Dr. Daphne Holland, Associate Provost for Student Success, at dhollan1@coastal.edu or (843) 349-6901.