Title IX before Aug 14, 2020

Incidents occurring prior to August 14, 2020

The Questions and Answers on the Title IX Regulations on Sexual Assault (July 2021) make clear that when addressing allegations of sexual harassment occurring before August 14, 2020, the date that the 2020 amendments went into effect, a school must follow the requirements of the Title IX statute and the regulations that were in place at the time of the alleged incident. In compliance with that standard, Coastal Carolina University will address those incidents using the following processes.


If the Accused is a student of Coastal Carolina University

  • If the Accused is a student of Coastal Carolina University, regardless of the status of the complainant, they will be subject to the Code of Student Conduct and the investigation will be conducted by the Dean of Students Office. Please refer to the Code of Student Conduct for the investigation and appeal processes.

If the Accused is someone other than a Coastal Carolina University student

  • If the Accused is someone other than a Coastal Carolina University student, e.g., a staff member, a faculty member, another member of the University community or an outsider, the Title IX investigation process will be as follows:
    • An investigation will be carried out by a member of the Title IX staff or a designee. The investigation will be carried out as quickly as possible, using the 2011 and 2014 guidance issued by the Office for Civil Rights.
    • The accused will be notified in writing that a complaint against them has been filed. The accused will have an opportunity to meet with the assigned investigator to present information relating to the case, including the names of witnesses, evidence, and anything else they feel will be of assistance in the process.
    • The investigator will conduct interviews with witnesses presented by the complainant and the accused. The investigator will also analyze the evidence presented by both sides and any other information provided to aid in the decision-making process.
    • Once interviews are completed, the investigator will compile a report of all interviews, evidence, and other gathered, reported, and subsequently discovered information.
    • The investigator, using the Reasonable Person approach, will balance the information gathered in the report to determine if a violation occurred beyond a preponderance of the evidence.
    • If the assigned investigator determines that a violation did occur, the Title IX Coordinator will make recommendations to the administration who will determine the most appropriate sanction to be imposed.
    • Both parties will be notified simultaneously and in writing of the outcome of the proceeding and appeal procedures.