Horry County Trail Summit

The Horry County Trail Summit is a Regional Cycling Summit set for Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at Coastal Carolina University (CCU). This summit is scheduled for 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and will be held in the Lib Jackson Student Union on the main campus of Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC. There is no fee to attend, and lunch will be provided.

The purpose of the summit is to explore missing links whose progress could foster development toward shovel-ready trail projects in Horry County: a proposed rail trail and the East Coast Greenway.

Communities throughout the region have worked to become bicycle-friendly, but there persists a lack of safe and comfortable facilities for either commuting or recreational biking that connects communities. Access to connected trails and protective recreation facilities establishes an alternative bicycle/pedestrian transportation system and encourages a positive impact on health and the quality of life while connecting communities that are economically vibrant. The East Coast Greenway and rail trail offer Horry County two major trail systems that inter-connect east/west and north/south. They also establish an additional non-motorized, multi-modal transportation route for students, commuters, and recreationalists. CCU and Horry Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) are central to Horry County communities and should represent a nexus of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that connects these two campuses to downtown Conway and the Grand Strand.

The summit's goal is to host a region-wide conference that identifies trail needs, implementation challenges, and pre-construction requirements and that lead to shovel-ready trail projects (rail and greenway). The gathering will include city municipal recreation planners, college and university representatives and state and regional multi-modal transportation planners.

We hope you join us in this exciting initiative to further Horry County as a cycling enthusiast community!