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Bus Rentals On Limited Basis

Coastal Carolina University’s Comeback: Transportation Services Phase Two

Transportation Services is expanding the available University-owned vehicles for departmental and group use on a limited basis due to reduced physical distancing capacity. At this time, University over-the-road bus travel is on hold. Trolley rentals are available on a limited basis. Contact Transportation Services at 843-234-3433 in advance for a determination on the appropriate vehicle(s) necessary for the trip.  

Coastal Carolina University’s COVID-19 response priorities remain: Protect the health and wellbeing of the University community; reduce the likelihood for COVID-19 community spread; and continue to provide quality education and services for our students. The objective is not to eliminate all potential risks, but to provide a systematic and feasible path for operation within the pandemic environment.




The Coastal Carolina University Department of Transportation Services offers vehicles within its bus fleet for departments, clubs and organizations to rent for official University business. The University’s bus fleet includes 56-passenger motor coaches, as well as 28-, 38- and 14-passenger buses. Trolleys are also available only for on-campus and local use. To request a bus/shuttle, complete a Bus Reservation Request Form (PDF). Please send all bus/shuttle reservations, inquiries, changes and cancellations to bus@coastal.edu.

Bus Rental FAQs

What vehicles are available to rent from the Transportation Services bus fleet?

The Coastal Carolina University Transportation Services fleet includes 56-passenger motor coaches, as well as 28-, 38- and 14-passenger buses. Shuttles are also available to rent only for on-campus use.

How do I reserve a bus?

Complete a Bus Reservation Request Form (PDF). This form must show the cost center account number, be signed by the cost center director, and emailed to bus@coastal.edu along with a detailed itinerary. Once bus reservation request form is submitted, you will receive a bus trip quote via email; the bus trip quote must be approved, signed and emailed back to bus@coastal.edu before a trip will be scheduled. It is important to submit your request as soon as the need arises; however, reservations made at least two weeks in advance are preferred.

How much does it cost to reserve a bus?

The approximate cost for a full-day rental for each vehicle type is listed on the top of the bus reservation request form. Once a bus reservation request form and itinerary are received, a more accurate quote will be sent via email to the requester; the bus trip quote must be approved, signed and emailed back to bus@coastal.edu before a trip will be scheduled.

What is included in a bus rental?

The bus use, a University CDL driver, and fuel are all included in the bus rental.

Why do I need to include on my itinerary?

An itinerary is needed for each bus rental. Each day of your trip should be listed with the various stops and destination addresses. Pick up and drop off locations should be identified, along with the times for each stop/destination. Group leader contact information and hotel information need to be listed as well.

Will I need to provide a hotel room for the driver if the trip is overnight?

Yes. A hotel room for each driver is the responsibility of the renter when traveling overnight or for a trip that exceeds the driver’s 15-hour on-duty limit.

How long can my driver be on duty?

According to Federal DOT guidelines, a driver can drive no more than 10 hours per day and can be on-duty no more than 15 hours total per day.

How do I change or cancel a reservation?

Cancellations must be emailed during normal business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to bus@coastal.edu no later than 24 hours before your departure. Cancellations with fewer than 24 hours’ notice or no-shows will incur a charge to the cost center account number noted on your reservation.

Can I hire a driver to drive for a motor pool 12-passenger van?

Yes. University CDL drivers are available for hire. To hire a CCU CDL driver, follow the same process as reserving a bus.