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Enterprise Rentals

In an effort to streamline travel procedures and continue a high level of service, CCU is pleased to announce that we have updated our partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to provide online reservations. This partnership allows us to consolidate the rental process while expanding services to CCU employees with special recognition and speed whether renting at our Conway campus location or an off-campus location nationwide. Effective July 1, 2019, we will use the online system to reserve an Enterprise Rental for conducting University business.

Streamlining the rental process is important, but protecting our employees is most important. All negotiated rates include the benefits of Collision Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability Protection. This protection is included in the rate to ensure you are protected every time you rent. There is no need to accept or decline these products. These benefits also speed up your return process in the event of an accident.

Please be advised that no other optional products are necessary. Please decline any optional products offered.


1. Approval Required: Prior to making a reservation, you must obtain the budget officer and/or supervisor’s approval. By submitting a signed Travel Authorization form or request for reimbursement that includes a request for a rental vehicle, you acknowledge that you are an Authorized Driver.  The list of Authorized Drivers is available to CCU employees on the University's T Drive in the CCU folder. [T:\CCU\Authorized Drivers]  Rental of a vehicle by an unauthorized driver could result in termination and a claim against your personal insurance if any damage occurs.

2. Eligible Renters/Additional Driver: An eligible renter is a validly licensed driver, at least 21 years of age (or 25 years of age or older for box trucks) and is an Authorized Driver conducting University business. An Additional Driver must also be a validly licensed driver, at least 21 years of age (or 25 years of age or older for box trucks), an Authorized Driver, and conducting University business.  University policy forbids renting vans with 15 passenger seating capacity unless the rental originates 50 miles from campus.

3. Car Class: You should not authorize any paid upgrades when you pick up your vehicle. If the renting location does not have the size vehicle you reserved, they will give you the next available car class at that same price. Please decline any free upgrades to convertibles or sports cars for liability purposes.

4. Fuel: You will be required to match what fuel is in the tank when you pick up your rental. Please plan to do this prior to returning your rental. Do not ask the rental car company to replace the fuel for you as this will incur fuel penalty charges. All fuel expenses should be charged to your Travel Card or personal credit card. When using your Travel Card, you will enter zip code 29528 at the pump.

5. Billing: When making your reservation, you will not be required to provide payment information. You will have to use your Travel Card or personal credit card to pick up and complete the rental process at the Enterprise location. If you are using a personal credit card for travel, you may request a reimbursement by submitting signed Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement forms. If you are using a Travel Card, please ensure your Travel Authorization includes loading the card for this rental and fuel.

6. One Way Rentals: One-way rentals are charged at a higher cost. These should only be rented if necessary and all other options have been exhausted.

7. Rental Period: Rentals are billed on a 24-hour clock with a one-hour grace period. After the grace period, the rental is charged by the hour, up to three hours. After that, the rental will be billed for another day. Please make every effort to pick up and return the rental at the same time to avoid extra charges.

8. Individual Rental Agreement: For each vehicle rented, the employee must execute an individual rental agreement at the renting location. All additional drivers must appear at the rental counter with the primary renter. Please be advised, in the event of a direct conflict between the individual rental agreement and the state contract master agreement, the master agreement will govern.

9. Enterprise Will Pick You Up: All Enterprise locations offer a pickup service within their business hours. They will pick you up from your location, bring you back to the branch to complete the paperwork, and get your rental car. They will also give you a ride back to your home or office when you return the rental car. Please call the branch you are renting from to arrange a pickup.

10. Enterprise Accident Procedures: In the event of an accident, please notify the branch where the vehicle was rented. Their phone number can be found on the individual rental agreement. The branch will assist with switching out the vehicle and arranging a tow, if necessary. If the accident happens outside of business hours, please call the 24/7 roadside assistance number. This can be found on the rental agreement. If another vehicle was involved, please get a police report.

If you need to be connected with the management team of a branch to discuss any special requests, please email our Enterprise representative, Ashley Mancini.