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How to reserve through Enterprise

Using the Enterprise online reservation system for CCU is an easy five-step process.
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Step 1

Visit Rent an Enterprise Vehicle Now. Choose: Conway, Nationwide Travel, Truck. For CCU employees and students traveling for personal reasons, can select “Leisure Use” from this menu to receive a discount from Enterprise! Do not use this choice for CCU approved travel. 

Step 2

Enter the location, date and time and for the rental and click "Continue" to search for available vehicles.

Step 3

Choose the car class that is preferred. The next screen will be the Extras screen (do not add any extras). Click on "Continue to review."

Step 4

Enter the renter’s name, telephone and email address.  If this is a rental for University business, click "yes" to confirm. Enter your travel authorized number. You may also choose to add your driver information to save time at the pick-up location.

Step 5

Lastly, click on “Reserve Now” to complete the reservation.