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Operating Procedures for Golf Carts

  1. Visually inspect vehicle and ensure brakes are in good working order.
  2. When driving, make sure all passengers remain seated and keep arms and legs inside the cart; there should be no more than two (2) people per row of seats, including the driver.
  3. Ensure that the cart has the capacity to carry the load and that the load is properly secured.
  4. Be aware of vehicles and pedestrians at all times.
  5. Give right of way to pedestrians utilizing the sidewalks; at no time are golf carts allowed on footbridges.
  6. Give right of way to all motor vehicles.
  7. Do not drive over curbs or items that will damage the front end and steering gears. 
  8. Operate the golf cart at a safe and appropriate speed for traffic, pedestrian, and weather conditions.
  9. Only those golf carts that are issued permits by the state are allowed to be driven across Highway 501 or Highway 544. Otherwise, use of golf carts is not permitted on Highway 544 or Highway 501 at any time.
  10. Talking or texting on a cell phone by the operator while the vehicle is in motion is prohibited.
  11. Use of a two-way radio by the operator while the vehicle is in motion is prohibited.
  12. Eating and/or drinking are forbidden while the golf cart is in motion.
  13. Smoking is forbidden on the golf cart at all times and at all loacations on or off campus.
  14. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a vehicle is prohibited.
  15. Working headlights, brake lights, and turn signals are mandatory for the vehicle to be operated after dark.
  16. Set the parking brake and remove the key when the vehicle operator leaves the golf cart.
  17. Do not park golf carts in front of doorways, on sidewalks, or on any designated walkways.
  18. Place the batteries on charge at the end of the day, or, if gasoline powered, ensure vehicle has adequate fuel supply.
  19. Make sure that the cart is in a well-ventilated area if the charger is to remain on overnight.