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Teal Mobile

Teal Mobile is Transportation Services on-demand rideshare service. You can access this service and request rides through your CCU Transportation app, TransLoc. Teal Mobile is an on-demand rideshare service available to CCU students, faculty, and staff and operates within 1.5 miles of the Conway campus. Teal Mobile runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cost of Teal Mobile is provided through the SGA initiated transportation fee. You will not be prompted to make any additional payment when you schedule a ride.


Teal Mobile is an app-powered, on-demand rideshare service similar to Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. The 1.5-mile radius services many locations frequented by CCU community members along the Highway 501 and Highway 544 corridors. This service is provided through the Student Government Association (SGA) initiated Transportation fee which provides funding for student parking, shuttle services, and parking lot maintenance. 

CCU On-Demand Ride Service Zone

To request a Teal Mobile ride, CCU students, faculty, and staff should download the CCU Transportation app, TransLoc, and log in with their CCU credentials.

FAQs about Teal Mobile

General Questions

How do I request a ride?
How much does Teal Mobile cost?
How do I know my ride request has been received?
How long will it take for my driver to pick me up?
Can I track my driver?
Is my driver's location always accurate when I look at the map?
Can I make a request for someone else to be picked up?
Can my friends join me on my ride?
Will I be sharing the Teal Mobile vehicle with other riders?
How will I know once the Teal Mobile arrives?
What if I need to cancel my ride request?
Does canceling and making a new request move me to the bottom of the queue?
Can students work as Teal Mobile drivers for Transportation Services?
What if I need a ride outside of the 1.5-mile radius?
Can I provide feedback to Transportation Services?

Safety and Security Questions

How will I identify the Teal Mobile vehicle and driver?
If I left something in the Teal Mobile, how do I get it back?

Accessibility Questions

Is Teal Mobile accessible?
May I take my bike along?