Brand Standards - Coastal Carolina University
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Brand Standards

All three main CCU logos

University Marketing and Communication is charged with protecting Coastal Carolina University's brand and image. This is accomplished through consistent messaging, approved and proper use of our trademarked logos and word marks, and ensuring accurate and grammatically correct content.

Our brand marks are the icons that allow us to be identified and connect us with our audiences. It is essential that Coastal Carolina University’s marks be handled in a unified manner.  Without uniformity, we risk loss of impact and risk of message confusion.  To avoid brand erosion or dilution, consistency is paramount.

All applications of Coastal Carolina University’s brand assets must receive approval from University Marketing and Communication. This includes: all forms of advertising and marketing, event collateral, merchandise, web application, audio branding and photography. CCU reserves the right to deny approval for any request not in line with established standards. However, each situation creates unique opportunities, and CCU is ultimately responsible for approval of creative that varies from the typical standards.