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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for your services?
How far in advance should I submit a Kace ticket?
What can I expect when I get there for my headshot?
How do I set up headshots for my department?
What do I wear for my headshot?
How do I set up Group photos?
When can I expect to see my images?
Where can I find photos for presentations, brochures, or my website?
Can I use my images outside of CCU affiliated material?
When do I need a media release form?
My son/daughter is on one of the athletic teams, how do I download their images?
How do I download photos?
I’m a student, may I have my headshot taken?
I’m the organization president for a club, can I request a photographer?
You took my photo in the stands at the game this weekend, can I have that?
Can you explain CCU’s copyright laws?