Administrative Staff - Coastal Carolina University
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Administrative Staff

Lydia J. Deeck
Manager of Academic Records Administration
Singleton Building 122


  • Responsible for the implementation and dissemination of the undergraduate/graduate academic catalogs.
  • Manager/editor of new academic proposals for the next academic year’s catalog, including review of proper formatting and grammar.
  • Distribution of curricula material that derives from the Academic Affairs Committee and Faculty Senate.
  • Archival of University catalogs, administrative actions and committee meeting minutes.
  • Provides website management and support for the University’s Faculty Senate and Academic Affairs Committee.
  • Minute taker for upper curriculum committees, as well as the University’s Board of Trustees

James M. Johnson
Special Projects Coordinator
Singleton Building 121


  • Responsible for space management under the Academic Affairs division. 
  • Manages and coordinates all small and large scale renovation projects.
  • Coordinates Academic Affairs campus moves.
  • Works with the Provost and the Leadership Team to organize and manage office and classroom spaces.

Rosemary B. Pleasant
Business Manager
Singleton Building 128


Monica L. Streicher
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Singleton Building 126