Professional Enhancement Grants and Faculty Summer Research Awards

Professional Enhancement Grant and Faculty Summer Research Award

2024-2025 Proposal Deadline: January 19, 2024

The Professional Enhancement Grant program is an internally funded faculty support program that began in the 1995-96 academic year (under the name of Academic Enhancement Grants) with funds made available by the Horry County Higher Education Commission and the Coastal Educational Foundation.

Professional Enhancement Grants are awarded and administered through the office of the Provost to encourage projects that show potential for significant research, scholarly, creative or instructional contributions and that can serve as the base to acquire additional funding from external sources.  The PEG program provides benefits to faculty members in support of the University's mission to embrace high-quality teaching, engaged learning, faculty research and creative activities.

Faculty Summer Research Awards (FSRA) were first introduced in the summer of 2022 to provide summer salary for faculty in amount roughly equivalent to teaching a summer school course, for the pursuit of scholarly research or creative works.  The award is intended as seed funding to support the collection of preliminary results or the development of project infrastructure that will aid in the pursuit of a planned external grant proposal in the coming year.  The application process is now merged with PEG applications, and faculty can request an FSRA as a supplement to their PEG award or as a stand-alone request.