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Alli Crandell

Director of Digital Initiatives

Jonathan Doe
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Edwards 109

Hours: Wednesday: 10AM - 1PM


Master of Science, Science and Technology Studies (conc. in Social Science), Virginia Tech
Graduate Certificate, Web Design and Development, Univeristy of Denver


As a humanities-trained designer, Alli Crandell's digital practice focuses on creating hand-crafted digital publications and projects where form is informed by content. 

Crandell started her career as a humanist among computer scientists and engineers thinking about what “place,” “space” and “history” meant in digital projects. Before coming to Coastal, Alli worked in a plethora of positions that require translating between disciplines, between form and function: an instructor of engineering history to engineers, digital consultant for grant projects, and, bespoke digital publication designer for punctum books.

As the Director of Digital Initiatives, Alli serves as a project manager for The Athenaeum Press, the Coastal's innovative multimedia publishing lab, where she works with students across the university to create regionally-specific and professional-level publications. She also works as the primary faciliator of a wide range of digital infrastructure and media production projects for the Edwards College.