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The Athenaeum Press

The Athenaeum Press is a student-driven publishing lab that offers students professional-level hands-on experience in authoring, designing and producing innovative stories about our region.

About the Press

Rather than accepting completed manuscripts for publishing, the press accepts project proposals that will be intensely developed by an interdisciplinary, collaborative group of students and faculty. The press seeks these proposals from all corners of the community, including non-profit organizations, community members, faculty and students at other institutions. Project initiators, or those that submit project proposals, will extensively collaborate with the press team to design, build and produce professional-quality content using unique and innovative technologies and media formats.

To learn more about The Athenaeum Press, please visit our website at

Donations to the Press

Donations are gratefully accepted to further experiential learning and regional storytelling. To make a donation to the Athenaeum Press, please visit Under "Gift Designation", select "Other" then type "Athenaeum Press."


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Production Team/Affiliated Faculty

Alli Crandell, Director

Trisha O'Connor, Director Emeritus

Cali Duncan, Projects Assistant

Jen Boyle, Digital Manager

Michael Digorgio, Digital Studio Director

Scott Mann, Production Manager

Executive Committee

Maggi Morehouse, History

Pamela Martin, Politics

Keaghan Turner, English


M. Cali Duncan
Special Projects Assistant
Edwards Building 109