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Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

White Flowers (added 1/6/2022) MCDSome of you were lucky enough to know Mrs. Edwards. FFlower Right (Added 1/6/2022) MCD or  those that didn’t have the chance to meet her, here are links to two Tapestry pieces—A Gracious Yield and We Are Edwards—that testify to her remarkable dedication to Coastal Carolina University and the region we call home.
On Friday, February 11, we will hold the Edwards College 20th Anniversary Gala in Robin W. Edwards’s memory. We hope to see many of your there, as we continue to foster the spirit of generosity that Mrs. Edwards launched twenty years ago.  

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Here For You, Wherever You Are

Whether we are virtual, hybrid, or in-person, our students and faculty are hard at work engaging in innovative research and creative production. Stay in touch with us on social media to see what our students are up to. If you're a current student, connect with an advisor to navigate your academic plans.


We Are Edwards

Our diversity is our strength. Inclusion and equity make our research, art, and community outreach only better.

are first-generation
come from South Carolina
identify as non-white


Learn Local, Go Global

Our classrooms within the Edwards College expand into our local community, from collaborative storytelling projects to internships that transition into full-time careers. In your time in the Edwards College, you’ll have access to short- and semester-long travel abroad experiences, as well as our innovative Intercultural Language Learning Center.

Intercultural Language Resource Center

Alongside conversation practice, tutoring, and online resources, the new, grant-funded ILRC serves as a site for cultural events, including film screenings, language clubs, lectures, and discussions.

The Joyner Institute for Gullah & African Diaspora Studies

The Charles Joyner Institute for Gullah and African Diaspora Studies examines the historical migration and scattering of African populations to local geographical areas and the subsequent evolution of blended cultures, specifically Gullah. 

The Athenaeum Press 

Rather than accepting completed manuscripts for publishing, the Press accepts project proposals that will be intensely developed by an interdisciplinary, collaborative group of students and faculty. The Press seeks these proposals from all corners of the community.

Gullah Institute

Athenaeum Press students presenting at Community Launch

Athenaeum Press

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2021 Fall Tapestry Magazine

Priscilla Meyers

Edwards Chanticleer Regiment

Goes to London

We're so excited to send our Chanticleer Regiment to the 2023 New Years Day Parade in London. Would you like to help? Click the link above.

Jonathan Doe

Edwards Gala 2022

Get Your Tickets Here

Join the Edwards College as we celebrate 20 years with a huge celebration in February 2022!


The Joyner Center for Gullah and African Diaspora Studies

COMING IN February 2022

The International Gullah Geechee and African Diaspora Conference

Amanda Green

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

The Edwards College fosters collaboration, creative expression, and experiential learning to prepare students to become active participants in local and global communities. Explore our programs, events, and faculty below.

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