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Welcome to the Fall 2021 online Tapestry magazine. In keeping with our 2020 model, we’re developing a progressive and ever-expanding digital issue this semester. Check in monthly to keep up with the latest endeavors and cool projects that students, faculty, and alumni are undertaking this semester. Discover the multitude of ways we “Learn Local, Go Global” at the Edwards College, especially as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. There’s plenty of inspirational news to share; we hope you’ll join us. 

We are launching our yearlong celebration of the Edwards College 20th anniversary. In addition to special cultural arts events, we’ve created an exclusive issue of Tapestry that presents an extended timeline of Edwards people, places, events, and accomplishments. Below are links to featured stories to give you a taste – or perhaps a reminder – of our history.

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A few stories to start ... 

On the job: CCU communication majors in action

What happens when you take a CCU communication major out of the classroom and into the field? They put their skills and knowledge to work, whether it’s in the news room, on the ball field, or in a recording studio. The cool thing is, the general public can often participate by tuning in or logging on to experience these interns doing their stuff.  Read moreRead more..

The Intelligence Analysts

A growing state agency has discovered that CCU’s Intelligence and Security Studies program produces highly qualified students who are ready to jump directly into operations within an intelligence agency. Now that state agency is interested in an expanded relationship with CCU’s program

Interdisciplinary and Fabulous

Ola Watson has made her mark at Horry Georgetown Technical College as an award-winning graduate and also around the country, as a 2021 Glamour Community College Student of the Year. Now that she’s joined CCU’s interdisciplinary studies major, there’s no telling what she might do and whose lives she might impact.Learn more about Watson’s story.

The Origin Story

Tapestry feature article “We are Edwards” brings the reader back to the evening of Sept. 21, 2001, when a crowd gathered on Prince Lawn to dedicate and celebrate the new college. Three generations of the Edwards family were present, in addition to Ron Ingle, then-president of CCU; Lynne Franken, the first dean of the Edwards College; and representatives from around the state. This article draws a direct line from the inspiration of that first evening and the subsequent growth that continues within the Edwards College.

Focused on Gullah

Research into Gullah Geechee culture predates the establishment of the Edwards College, and it began with iconic CCU history professor Charles Joyner. “A Celebration of Gullah Geechee Scholarship” shows how Joyner’s work influenced other scholars, both at CCU and around the globe, and resulted in the creation of the Charles Joyner Institute for Gullah and African Diaspora Studies in 2016. The ongoing work of Edwards College faculty, students, and guest scholars through the Joyner Institute has yielded an annual conference, an academic minor program, and a nationwide reputation of CCU as a center of Gullah Geechee scholarship.

International Insights

Dean Claudia Bornholdt has ushered in a renewed emphasis on global perspectives within the Edwards College, even creating a new tagline to foreground the concept. “Learn Local, Go Global” is both the new college motto as well as the title of a Tapestry article that highlights the ways Edwards students are impacting, and being impacted by, both the local community and the global stage.