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Letters from the Dean 2020 Claudia (added 4/10/20)

The Edwards College is home to one of the most diverse student bodies at Coastal Carolina University, and our faculty, staff and students engage in inclusive and diverse scholarship and art and many focus on historically underrepresented and marginalized groups.

At the Edwards College, our diversity is our strength. Our students come from different countries, states and regions, and different economic, cultural, and social backgrounds. Many are the first students in their families to attend college. Others are seasoned professionals returning to complete their degree or adding a second one. Our entire college works to create an inclusive and equitable creative and learning environment, pairing local research with global perspectives.

Those in the Edwards College believe in ideals such as truth, beauty, and the immortality of art; we pursue those ideals on a daily basis. But we also believe in preparing students to thrive in a 21st-century workplace that features ever-advancing technology and forms of communication. The ability to think critically in order to succeed in such an environment offers lifelong benefits, and it’s rooted in the Edwards College.


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Claudia Bornholdt 760x760 (Added 7/30/19) JPEG

Claudia Bornholdt, Ph.D.
Edwards 201

Joe Oestreich (760) Added 8/10/2021 MCD

Joe Oestreich, M.F.A.
Associate Dean
Edwards 201

Visual Art

Easton Selby, M.F.A.
Associate Dean
Edwards 201

Tripthi Pillai ( added 1/14/2020_ MCD 760 x 760

Tripthi Pillai, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
Edwards 201



Administrative Staff

Shelia Levi Clutts 2022 760 (Added 9/22/22) MCDShelia Levi-Clutts
Administrative Coordinator
Edwards 201  | 843-349-2444 | sleviclu@coastal.edu 



Erica Vasquez 2023 (added 4/6/2023) MCDErica Vasquez
Administrative Specialist 
Edwards 201  |  843-349-2421 | evasquez@coastal.edu 

Karen WilliamsKaren Williams 2022 (Added 9/23/2022) MCD
Business Manager
Edwards 201  | 843-349-2772 | kwilliam@coastal.edu 


Student Support Staff

Steven Taylor 2022 760 (added 9/23/22) MCD Steven Taylor
Director of Student Success, Recruitment, and Career Transitions
Edwards 287 | 843-349-2858 | staylor2@coastal.edu

Production Staff 

Alli Crandell
Director of Digital Initiatives 
Edwards 109 | 843-349-2947 | acrandell@coastal.edu 

Michael DiGiorgio
Digital Studio Director
Edwards 285 | 843-349-2678 | mdigiorgi@coastal.edu 

Mary Cali Duncan
Project Assistant
Edwards 109 | 843-349-5099 | mduncan1@coastal.edu 

Earl (Tre) Foxworth III
Social Media Coordinator
Edwards 232 | 843-349-2997 | eafoxworth@coastal.edu 

Abby Sink    
Graphic Designer
Edwards 205 | 843-349-6985 | apinders@coastal.edu