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Dean's Office Staff

The Dean's Office is responsible for coordinating academic initiatives within the Edwards College.


Claudia Bornholdt, Ph.D.
Edwards 201 | bornholdt@coastal.edu 

Amanda Brian, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Edwards 201  |  abrian@coastal.edu 

Easton Selby, M.F.A.
Associate Dean
Edwards 201  |  eselby@coastal.edu 

Jen Boyle
Assistant Dean
Edwards 201 | jboyle@coastal.edu 

Administrative Staff

Gigi Dodd
Administrative Coordinator
Edwards 201  |  843-349-2444  |  gdodd@coastal.edu 

Daniela Johnson
Administrative Specialist 
Edwards 201  |  843-349-2421  |  djohns18@coastal.edu

Blaire DeLorge
Business Manager
Edwards 201  |  bdelorge@coastal.edu 


Production Staff

Travis Brooks
Media Resources Manager
Edwards 292  |  843-349-6907  |  tbrooks3@coastal.edu

Alli Crandell
Director of Athenaeum Press and Digital Initiatives
Edwards 109  |  843-349-2947  |  acrandell@coastal.edu

Michael DiGiorgio
Digital Studio Director
Edwards 255  |  843-349-2678  |  mdigiorgi@coastal.edu

Cali Duncan
Program Assistant, Athenaeum Press
Edwards 109  |  843-349-5099  |  mduncan1@coastal.edu

Abby Pinder-Sink
Graphic Designer
Edwards 205  |  843-349-6985  |  apinders@coastal.edu

Sara Sobota
Publications Editor
Edwards 109  |  843-349-2507  |  ssobota@coastal.edu

From the Dean

Letters from the Dean 2020 Claudia (added 4/10/20)
For me, student success is unquestionably the centerpiece of all we do here in the Edwards College. I have created an undergraduate advisory council comprised of a diverse and energetic group of students so that I hear their feedback, ideas, and concerns firsthand. Last fall, we organized a number of events to welcome and better serve our first-generation students on campus. In November 2019, the faculty, staff, and a number of alumni from the Edwards College came together on Giving Teal Tuesday to donate enough money to start a new scholarship for first-generation students in our college. And as if this weren’t enough, they actually raised more money than any other college on campus to support our students and prove just how amazing (and competitive!) the Edwards College community is.